Aloe vera - The plant of immortality

Today, the aloe vera plant is commonly known and grown all over the world. However, it has its origin in Eastern Africa. Especially in the old Egypt, people were so fascinated with the plant that they called it “the plant of immortality”.

The stories tell of the beauty of the Egyptian queens Cleopatra and Nefertiti, which allegedly came from daily use of aloe vera. The plant was also used for medical purposes. It was discovered that when cut, the plant would heal itself within short time. This discovery was later tested on humans.

Today, we know that aloe vera holds even more qualities than believed by the Egyptians. It benefits both the digestion and the immune system, and has a high level of amino and fatty acids, which reduce the risk of allergies and digestive disorders.

In addition, the aloe vera plant is incredibly rich in vitamins and minerals, giving it an antibiotic effect on the body. The many healing characteristics also make aloe vera ideal for skin care. It has a soothing effect that keeps the skin soft and increases its elasticity.

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